Parkasaurus Wiki

Starting out[]

Sandbox maps can be accessed by clicking "Customise" on the main menu, inside you will be prompted to create a new park. Unlike campaign parks, custom parks have no objectives and are instead a blank canvas for the user to project their vision onto, during park creation the user is prompted to edit numerous settings, in order to tune the sandbox experience to their liking, alternatively they can select standard in order to play with the default settings.

The configurable options are as follows:


There are currently 3 options for the player to choose from:

Default: This is the standard income amount, guests will donate to dinosaurs which they enjoyed watching, dinosaurs with a higher appeal will both attract guests and incite larger donation amounts, money can also be earned through the sales of tickets and food as well as excavated by digging when going back in time!

Generous: This is the same as the "Default" income mode with the exception that guests give more money when donating, this allows for an easier game where money must still be managed but is not a constricting factor to the player.

Unlimited: Start the game with unlimited funds, construction still costs money but the player can never run out. This allows for unrestricted creativity from the start.


Default: Default research begins the game with 660 science and none of the research tree completed, this leaves the player to have to generate science in order to unlock new buildings, eggs and decorations. More can be read about this on the Science Page

Unlocked: The player starts with the research tree already completed allowing them to access all buildings and decorations from the start of the game.


Flat: The building space is completely flat, leaving landscaping entirely to the player.

A flat park entrance

Bumpy: Terrain has randomly generated peaks and troughs allowing the user to shape the park around them or landscape where needed.

A bumpy park entrance


New lot: The new lot is full of junk, including broken cars, tires and dead trees. All of which can be sold for a small amount of money each.

Forest: The forest is a map with large clumps of trees and grass scattered around, these can be sold or can be used as decorative areas of the park.

Empty: The lot has no junk or foliage.


Default: Eggs must be purchased by excavating skulls and footprints of dinosaur families, for example stegosauria. Higher tiered dinosaurs require more of their families fossils to be purchased. Read more at Eggs

Free: Eggs can be obtained through the store for free without the requirement for fossils.