Parkasaurus Wiki

Exhibit Design is one of the features in Parkasaurus. Design success - each dinosaur requires a unique biosphere, which means the shape of exhibit, materials used, ecology, plants, elevation and humidity all play a key role in whether the Dinos, and the park, thrive...or become extinct.


Most exhibits have a simple formula: Tiles (Grass, Sand, or Mud) + Trees + Bushes + Rocks + Elevation + Wetness. Put up some walls and add the appropriate things with the right tileset, elevation, and humidity, you'll end up with something functional. Some dinosaurs prefer mountainous, others flat. Some like it really wet, others want it dry. Do note, you will have to have a water resource in most exhibits due to the trees/bushes requiring water. Another thing to consider is the size of your exhibit; all dinosaurs have a minimum requirement with larger dinosaurs requiring more space, while smaller dinosaurs less. If you plan to have a decent to large-sized herd or multiple kinds of dinosaurs in one exhibit, you'll need to build and/or plan accordingly.


Guest Enjoyment[]

Guest come to the zoo to see the dinosaurs and have a good time. Plenty of viewing spaces with toys in sight (bonus if the dinosaur is Playful) makes for a great experience. Make considerations for the fence type you will use in your exhibits so that your guest don't leave frustrated. Compare strength and visibility with the needs of guests and dinosaurs. It might be necessary to create "black out" zones of minimal visibility for the dinosaurs depending on the amount of foot traffic that exhibit experiences but still keep some space(s) dedicated to viewing.


Expanding on guest enjoyment, dinosaurs have a level of privacy they need to be happy. Using long/tall grass, sectioning off private areas, and, again, using low/no visibility walls can makes a difference in a happy vs a miserable and stressed out dinosaur.


Toys are slowly unlocked through Research but there is a small selection available from the start. Dinosaurs play with these toys to fulfill the Enrichment meter. Some toys will fill the meter faster. Dinosaurs with a full Enrichment meter are generally happier and less likely to attack fences. Fill your exhibits with toys to keep your dinosaurs content.

Mixing Dinosaurs[]

It's completely fair game to have multiple types of dinosaurs in the same exhibit. It is important to match up dinosaurs with the same biome preference and herbivore and carnivores separate (unless the carnivore is Friendly) to avoid potential incompatibilities. There doesn't seem to be a limit to the number of dinosaurs that can cohabitate but a large exhibit would be critical.


Themes are an extra "bonus" that you can do to an exhibit to boost its' overall appeal. Most have a few requirements such as exhibit size, biodiversity balance, or herbivore vs. carnivore, ect. The first two requirements for all themes is a certain exhibit size (which scales up or down depending on how big the exhibit currently is) and all plants require water. The last requirement is always a theme item that you have to buy and place in the exhibit.

Theme Requirement #3 Bonus #1 Bonus #2 Bonus #3 Theme Item
No Theme None None None None None
Prehistoric Realism must be at maximum 30% More appeal in this exhibit Dinos in this exhibit do not become sick Volcanoes are active in this exhibit Volcano
Secure All fences must be at maximum Strength 20% More appeal in this exhibit Stronger fences Alarms activate when dino is loose Security Camera
Organic Have perfect Biodiversity 30% More appeal in this exhibit Poop disappears Butterflies appear in this exhibit Windmill
Eden No viewing spots 20% More appeal in this exhibit Happiness requirement for Dino Nest is much lower Rainbows appear in this exhibit Mother Tree
Spooky Only carnivores in this exhibit 20% More appeal in this exhibit 30% more donations from this exhibit Fog appears in this exhibit Skull Tree
Magical Only herbivores in this exhibit 20% More appeal in this exhibit Dinos require less food Fireflies appear in this exhibit Magical Tower


Appeal is a somewhat complex mechanic that takes in consideration many factors like dinosaurs traits, level, stats, and tier. It also basis some stats on the exhibit environment especially ones with a Theme.