Parkasaurus Wiki

The following is a list of achievements for the game Parkasaurus. There are 31 available achievements.

List of achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Achelousaurus Friend.jpg Achelousaurus Friend Hatch a Achelousaurus
Albertosaurus Friend.jpg Albertosaurus Friend Hatch a Albertosaurus
Animantarx Friend.jpg Animantarx Friend Hatch a Animantarx
Ankylosaurus Friend.jpg Ankylosaurus Friend Hatch a Ankylosaurus
Apatosaurus Friend.jpg Apatosaurus Friend Hatch a Apatosaurus
Brachiosaurus Friend.jpg Brachiosaurus Friend Hatch a Brachiosaurus
Busy Bee.jpg Busy Bee Have 100 guests in your park at once
Elated.jpg Elated Sell 1000 balloons
Eureka!.jpg Eureka! Make your first science discovery
First Steps.jpg First Steps Have your park operating for 1 year
Gastonia Friend.jpg Gastonia Friend Hatch a Gastonia
Gigantspinosaurus Friend.jpg Gigantspinosaurus Friend Hatch a Gigantspinosaurus
Heaven is a Place on Earth.jpg Heaven is a Place on Earth One of your Dinos achieves 100% Happiness
Job Creator.jpg Job Creator Employ at least 10 people
Kentrosaurus Friend.jpg Kentrosaurus Friend Hatch a Kentrosaurus
Lambeosaurus Friend.jpg Lambeosaurus Friend Hatch a Lambeosaurus
Mamenchisaurus Friend.jpg Mamenchisaurus Friend Hatch a Mamenchisaurus
Mini Madness.jpg Mini Madness Have 50 guests in your park at once
Minmi Friend.jpg Minmi Friend Hatch a Minmi
Ornithomimus Friend.jpg Ornithomimus Friend Hatch a Ornithomimus
Oviraptor Friend.jpg Oviraptor Friend Hatch a Oviraptor
Parasaurolophus Friend.jpg Parasaurolophus Friend Hatch a Parasaurolophus
Perfection.jpg Perfection Create a perfect Habitat for one of your Dinos
Seismosaurus Friend.jpg Seismosaurus Friend Hatch a Seismosaurus
Shantungosaurus Friend.jpg Shantungosaurus Friend Hatch a Shantungosaurus
Spinosaurus Friend.jpg Spinosaurus Friend Hatch a Spinosaurus
Stegosaurus Friend.jpg Stegosaurus Friend Hatch a stegosaurus
Styracosaurus Friend.jpg Styracosaurus Friend Hatch a Styracosaurus
Triceratops Friend.jpg Triceratops Friend Hatch a Triceratops
TyrannosaurusRex Friend.jpg Tyrannosaurus Rex Friend Hatch a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Velociraptor Friend.jpg Velociraptor Friend Hatch a Velociraptor